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Access Warranty / AW Autopro has filed for Bankrupcy to avoid paying refund to thousands of their customers! They are currently being sued by several entities, including their administrator/warranty underwriter, Interstate National Dealer Services and are being investigated by several Attorney General's.

They are now operating as "TOCO Warranty" ( Tocowarranty / TOCOWARRANTY.COM ) in an attempt to defraud more consumers out of their money.

STAY AWAY - Just do a search for "Access Warranty" or "AW Autopro". If you've purchased a warranty from them, call your credit card companies Chargeback Disputes Cepartment while you're still able to get your money back.

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Studio City, California, United States #972404

Wow ...look at all these whiners....seems like a bunch of you didn't listen to what they explained to you what would be covered and what wouldn't be...how could a company with a A rating from BBB be a scam? You guys think you can pay a measley $60 and be covered for a 2k$ repair a month later..lmao...which was probably pre existing who knows...come on now

to Anonymous #1042045

Oh wow..Coincidentally this "person" is located in the same town as TOCO.


Nice try TOCO.. Anyone who would even work for such a company with zero ethics and obvious illegal activity against it's customers is guilty by association. Get a job you can at least have some pride in.

This "review" is fake and has been made by someone obviously associated with TOCO.



Houston, Texas, United States #876272

So glad I Google them first and read all these reviews I was so close to give them guy my credit card u info last night I was very close !!!

Thanks everyone for their reviews..

What got me when I asked how soon could I take it to the mechanic he said u will need to wait 30days but I will need to pay $109 today !!!

Westbury, New York, United States #810808

When my 2005 Buick LeSabre was 7 years old, I was able to purchase a bumper to bumper ($100 deductible per service visit)

3 year/30,000 mile General Motors service warranty from my Buick dealer.It cost $2,900 and it has been well worth the price.

I've had 3 very expensive repairs done and only had to pay $200.

2 repairs were done during the same service visit, so only one deductible. It has been GREAT. Get your service warranty from the car manufacturer. I only have less than 7,000 miles left on the warranty, so I considered this TOCO plan when I received their email.

Thank you all for warning me away from this scam.Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #808014

Thanks everyone!I was thinking about purchasing the warranty, but I told the salesman I would do some research first.

I asked him to email me some information with a link to the website, but I never received an email. He told me to check my spam folder.


Rochester, New York, United States #796534

You people have to realize who these "sellers" are!The sellers are just that, a seller.

They are not the insurance company, they are not the company that says yes or no on your claims. They are just getting you to buy the product and for that, they take between 20% and 50% of the "retail" cost as a sales commission. The remainder is forwarded to the claims administrator and insurance company. I have no idea if the seller is telling you wrong information.

They usually aren't familiar enough with the actual "verbiage" of the contract, so they assume they are correct. Each claim is handled on its own merits. Some are covered, some are not.

These contracts do not cover "everything"!Again, this company may be a good "seller" but they are no the claims administrator, nor are they the insurance company underwriting the program!

Wildomar, California, United States #734369

thank god I did research on the toco prior to buying their service..

to suzi Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #739696

Yes Suzi Praise God because they are rip offs!!!!!!


Yes, the above must be a smear campaign. This is a company backed by a billion dollar publicly traded out fit. They have have cut out several of the middle men to offer a far superior product and customer service to their customers.

to TamerResponse Tampa, Florida, United States #797858

Merrill Lynch was a billion dollar company.

Didn't stop them from committing investor fraud and being nailed by the feds.

Bernie Madoff ran a billion dollar company.

Didn't keep him from a life sentence for fraud.


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