Toco is a real scam ,they took my money and decline my claim even though on the contract paper it says what they cover.They dont cover anything.When i took the insurance they told me you cant believe how much we cover.But when the time came to repair they declined the it.They are just gonna take your money and wont cover anything.I am going to court against them.Anyone here writting positive comment about them are toco people.Dont believe them and dont take this insurance.Its a real scam.Anyone got declined please keep in touch and thatway we can fight together against them.My mechanic said they send a adjuster who delined even he saw the car had problem

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Toco Warranty. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Toco Warranty to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I am just waiting to see the end results on my 2012 Chevy Malibu. In transmission shop.

Dropped it off on Tue March 20th 2018. Now all diagnostic's is done. Mechanic say rebuild or rebuilt. Toco says my car value is in 3,500.00 range.

Soooo I assume it will be a used one.

I will update as soon as I have my car back. I would not be a happy camper if it gets kicked.

Miami, Florida, United States #1351472

We need to start a class action lawsuit against this company!!!!!!


Who has a good lawyer I can use


I'm not getting the coverage cuz of the reviews


How did suing go I'm in the same boat and ready to sue can you email me maybe there is a class action suit here

Maybe not but your info about your claim will give me insight into what next and how to find a lawyer



Because of the reviews, I've decided not to get coverage, thanks guys, your reviews really helped!


Keep us posted! Good luck!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1077583

TOCO is a SCAM it is not a real warranty it is some month to month service contract and if you get a claim they can drop you.

TOCO price gouges...take an average 4 year policy, with any other company it is about $2500.00 to $2700.00, down payment of about $200 and 24 payments of about $100.00.

With TOCO they prey on those who want a lower down payment or can't afford a $100 monthly payment so they offer you $79.00 a month for 48 monthly payments which means you pay $3792 or just over $1000 TOO MUCH because they are tricking you with the low payment amount.

Secondly the plans they sell are by Warrantech which is also known as Stirling and has the WORST reviews and has a terrible history of NOT PAYING CLAIMS, so much they even had to re-brand from Warrantech to Stirling they currently have 376 complaints on the BBB!!!

376 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 175 closed in last 12 months

So in short...TOCO is a SCAM and TOCO is reselling a warrantech contract and TOCO is price gouging the customer. Oh, by the way they don't tell you the fine print, it is a month to month service plan that never pays more than you paid in, if your claim is higher than they want to pay they can cancel your coverage at any time and you get NO money back, as a matter of fact you will have to pay for one more year.

to Nota Berger #1084114

Huh? You had a lot to say, but you didn't reveal anything about your own experience with TOCO!

:( Your comment sounds like personal shopping notes with some hatred thrown in. Inquiring minds want to know, did you ever actually purchase TOCO?

to Anonymous #1298124

How long have you worked for Toco???

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1334974

Typical banal response to a good post.

That said, to Nota Berger, please post your personal experience with this company. How did they get over on you or someone you know?

What prompted you to do the research you posted?

to Nota Berger #1432884

I paid 66 bucks a month and needed a new engine and windshield washer pump. They said they couldn't cover it because I didn't get the changed at 3000miles consistently for 6mos. Theses ppl are pure evil


Dude, you gotta be more careful when you signup for coverage. Theres a big difference in a BMW and a BMX.....

unfortunately for you TOCO doesn't insure bicycles. Even if they did, it would probably only cover the handlebar grips.

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