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I had an older suburban that needed some engine repair and some a/c, i took it in to the dealership for the repairs and the claim was rejected. They wouldnt even repair a blower motor resister after they told me it was covered

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TOCO says if it snows don't drive, because they won't cover any failures. This coverage is a rip off. Don't fall for it.

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I can't believe that every post has at least one miss spelled word or more... That too is fishy...

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SCAM ALERT!! Take a look at Direct Buy Auto Warranty and you may see a resemblance here. Call your Attorney Generals office to investigate just in case this happens to be a spin off. Direct Buy apparently closed and may have opened under this new name. Read more

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had warranty car my engine light came on took to dealer to have fixed body to look at my car the person they sent out said that it was nothing wrong with my car to this day I can't start my car repair shop can attest that the car did have an engine light going off but tohko said that it wasn't I can save my money to get my car fixed I don't need a lying company that just all they did was take my money and didn't fix my car Read more

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SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. I refused to go further with conducting business with TOCO after reading these disturbing reviews and for the second time I have been harassed by one of there employees, "I hope your car breaks down". Mind fu(#ing blowing how unprofessional this company is. Read more

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Toco warranty- I was contacted by them via email so I investigated and thanks to the other reviews, I saved myself a huge headache. I contacted them and told them I decided to decline and an agent by anitials MM emailed me back and told me I couldn't afford the policy and he would close my case. Lmao that was classy and only confirmed what I had already read about his trashy scam artist company. Believe the words that are said about TOCO, Mr MM... Read more

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Toco denied my claim saying that the oil leak has been going on for a while. I took my truck in after i lost power and due to the leak they denied my claim. How do you know that you have a leak. I try to talk to them and got the run around. This is a double talking company who just want your money. That want a show room car not a use one. When i have follow the the oil change and no one tells you that there is a leak, so you don't know. To... Read more

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Customer service rude. On hold more then 45 minutes on every occaision no matter what time calling. And denyed my claim after meeting their criteria of 30 day and 1000 miles. I woll be fighting them for either the repair or money back. And then will be canceling my policy

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I just became a TOCO customer. After reading several of the reviews, I decided to cancel my account. While talking with a customer servicer rep, he kept TRYING to convince me all of the "GOOD" qualities of the "BLUE" policy (which is "SUPPOSED" to cover just the basic maintenance problems. And he was telling me how GOOD it is. I proceeded to tell him the policy was useless without the electronic coverage as those parts will break down before... Read more

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