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I just became a TOCO customer. After reading several of the reviews, I decided to cancel my account. While talking with a customer servicer rep, he kept TRYING to convince me all of the "GOOD" qualities of the "BLUE" policy (which is "SUPPOSED" to cover just the basic maintenance problems. And he was telling me how GOOD it is. I proceeded to tell him the policy was useless without the electronic coverage as those parts will break down before... Read more

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I am the owner of a mechanic's shop and had the displeasure of dealing with these wretched "business" people (I use that term lightly)!! Our first and only experience with this outfit compromised of transmission issues. Our customer had one of the top packages (supposedly) of this warranty business, needed rebuilding and we were informed to take the transmission out and tear it down so their own investigator could come by and give his "two... Read more

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I feel bad for all of you tht have had to go thru this, i just saw a commercial for Toco and i decided to search about them on-line and was shocked how many of you went thru this ordeal with them. I guess the best bet is to do your research first before commiting to something.

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Purchased a policy from toco they told me there was a waiting period of 60 days AND 1000 miles before I could place a claim. It's been almost 90 days and well over 1000 miles. Went to the mechanic to finally place a claim...toco says the policy is too "new" and wanted to send their own inspector which they did. I've been without my vehicle for more then 3 days!! Called toco for them only to tell me that my claim has been denied!! First: they... Read more

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They claim all systems are covered - WRONG! They will make it sound all-inclusive and then deny every *** thing you have a problem with. Why? They claim their policy is only an "inclusive" policy when you have a claim to make. They will find reasons to be sure that what ever your part is called, it is NOT covered, because it is not specifically stated. For Example, the blower fan stopped working for the air conditioning - a cost of $540 to... Read more

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Stay away from this insurance scam the whole company is a scam

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This company is a joke and a scam I got the blue plan and had a turbo issue which is covered by the plan mind you my turbo is one unit they had a inspection done on it before they will aproved the clamp after inspected they denied the claim claiming that the part in the turbo isn't covered now how does that work when my turbo is one pice they just don't want to put money out but love to take my money they are nothing but a rip off Read more

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Don't trust any of this company. Especially if you buy online. I learn a BITTER lesson. After paying the full amount n 2 Yrs later needed to use them the company close. The agency exist but they slid the contact. Go to the dealer pay more But they won't *** as you can always go back to the dealer Many people just wAnt to take your hard earned $$$$$

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Toco had screwed me so bad and kept trying to get money out of my acct after they told me and AAMCO that they wasnt going to repair my transmission on my Pontiac Bonneville.Mind you I had proof that it wasnt a "pre-existing condition" from the specialist at AAMCO,who dissembled my tranny so Toco could come bk out and inspect it.Toco refuse to come bk out.Before all of that,Toco kept giving me the run arounds and not returning my calls.My vehicle... Read more

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I ended up having to cancel my warranty with them and they basically threatened me saying, "Well, I hope nothing bad happens to your car," and ended our conversation like that. It upset me because I don't have the same income as I once did, and with having a child recently, my funds are super limited. Even after explaining WHY I couldn't afford the policy any longer, they seemed to not care. I understand that was his job to keep me as a... Read more

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